What makes Bonney & Wills Unique?

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We are dedicated to providing complete hand made shoe design and shoe making courses. Learning a craft is difficult but very rewarding and as teachers, our first priority is to make your experience feel seamless and natural.

This is what we provide for each student:

Frank Jones Pattern Cutting – Step by Step for Shoemaking

  1. Extensive shoemaking information and handouts are sent via Dropbox to all students upon registration. Frank Jones’ marvelous book, Pattern Cutting – Step by Step Patterns for Footwear, is recommended for the shoemaking courses and is available for purchase.
  2. Access to our huge last (the forms shoes are constructed over) inventory (over 2500 pairs) We have seven woman’s styles alone in a wide range of sizes.
  3. A complete (and we mean complete) individual set of tools for each student’s use during the course.
  4. Complete access to our extensive shoe library (200+ books), plus DVDs, patterns, notes, articles, and more. And, if you think you need some inspiration before course time, we’ll be glad to point you to some “mind blowing” sites. We know that the creativity is in you, but it sure is fun to look.
  5. Full use of one of the most complete “working” shoemaking shops in the country. At last count we had 11 sewing machines of all types. All our machines are tailored for students (they go very slow). Our shop exudes creativity and function and is focused to create positive shoe making experiences for students.
  6.  Premium leathers such as calf, kid, or kangaroo are provided free of charge.If you choose to work in fabric, you must bring at least one square yard. Exotic leathers can be ordered, at student’s expense, before the course. Your last, tools and materials will be ready for you upon your arrival.
  7. We recommend those with little sewing experience to search “learn to use sewing machine” on Google and YouTube to get a head start on sewing basics. Working in harmony with the right sewing machine is a major plus in the creativity world. We do explain how a sewing machine works during your workshop and give you ample time to practice before you sew your upper.
  8. For those of you who have heard the calling and want to continue to build your skills at home, we will provide you with a comprehensive source list. We offer lifetime consultation for each course offered, and lifetime advice when you go to purchase leather, tools, and machinery. Purchasing the wrong sewing machine means you just bought an “anchor”. The right one will be a friend for a lifetime. There are lots of anchor salesmen in the shoe world.
  9. Whatever initial class you take, entitles you to a 20% discount on any subsequent class. This can amount to huge savings for the ongoing student.

Want to get to know us? See this video at Oregon Art Beat »

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