Changes At Bonney and Wills School of Shoemaking and Design


After 48 years in the shoe trades, I have decided to stop actively teaching. The never ending “newness” of shoemaking, the passion for “figuring it out”, finding a better way, and perfecting the skills necessary, has not died in me. But, age has come to call, and at 75, I want to bow out at least on the level, and not on the way down. The title of Master Shoemaker has completed many of my dreams.

Fortunately, finding a successor has added greatly to the fulfillment of my chosen mission. To find a brilliant, dedicated, skilled and personable journeyman has not been as hard as I would have thought. Perhaps, I just got really lucky.

Ken Bode, long time student, engineer, entrepreneur, and innovative craftsman (he has made several tools that we use), has such potential that it makes me giddy. He has the passion, patience, and skills to make the school better. I will have the honor of assisting Ken in Eugene as he expands the school and creates his own legacy. Ken is the complete package. I have had hundreds of students over the years. Ken is “the one”. Any aspiring student will be lucky to learn from him.

We soon will be moving the school to Eugene, Oregon. Please stay tuned. We'll be providing updates about classes as information becomes available.

Feel free to contact either of us:
William Shanor: 541-951-0952
Ken Bode: 541-255-7607

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