Sewing Boot Camp

Sewing Boot Camp is integrated right into the learning process of the shoemaking class that you have registered for.  Bill will go over the workings of the sewing machine, and demonstrate the proper use of them.

All of our machines are set up to go very slow, thus eliminating the biggest obstacle I’ve found to making shoes.

Techniques covered:

  • Stopping and starting
  • Sewing curves
  • Precision straight lines
  • Backstitching
  • Bar tacking

We do lots of exercises, so that when it comes time to assemble your shoes, you can concentrate on creativity and work in harmony with your machine.

Think of the first time you drove a car. In the morning there was stalling, hard braking, uncomfortable turns. But, after lunch, you were cruising! Sewing is like that — a short learning curve and you’re off to the races.

Sewing Boot Camp is included with all of our courses. We have found that everyone benefits. Those who have never sewn will be at ease by lunch time. Those who think they can sew — well, you might be surprised — how close to that edge do you think you can sew?

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